Workshop topics


Writing process: Try out diverse tools & techniques to optimize your writing.

  • Idea generation & development: How to use writing to sharpen your thinking
  • Structuring: How to create a compelling story from your messy results
  • Drafting: How to combat writer’s block & write productively and even with joy
  • Revising: How to proceed efficiently and minimize the frustration
  • Feedback: How to profit from peer-feedback & how to handle feedback from your supervisor
  • Writer types: How to design your own optimal strategy for writing

Scientific language & style: Learn the conventions and practice, practice, practice…

  • Paragraph & sentence structure
  • Transition phrases & text flow
  • Passive/active voice
  • Powerful verbs
  • Clear & precise language
  • And other relevant topics

Writing productivity: Take stock & create an action plan for improvement.

  • How to use the power of writing habits and routines
  • Daily writing practice & research diary / lab book
  • How to approach a big writing project like the doctoral thesis

Writing a research article

  • Types of scientific papers & their macrostructure
  • Creating a storyline
  • Writing & structuring the individual sections of a research article
  • Writing a literature review

Scientific publishing

  • Journal selection criteria
  • Overview of the peer-review process
  • Writing a letter to editor
  • Responding to reviewer comments
  • Effective collaboration with co-authors
  • Open science & emerging alternatives to traditional publishing

Lab book & good scientific practice

  • What is a laboratory notebook
  • Legal aspects
  • Best lab book practices
  • Selecting the right medium: paper vs. electronic
  • Electronic lab book: overview of different formats
  • Lab book & open science
  • Lab book & writing skills development

Writing a successful PhD proposal

  • Overview of the application & selection processes
  • Elements & structure of a successful research proposal
  • Developing a timeline to prepare the application
  • Efficient writing strategies

Empowerment through writing (coming soon)