Workshop: Writing a successful PhD proposal

This workshop provides participants with information and strategies on how to write a successful PhD research proposal. During the workshop, participants develop a timeline to prepare the application, draft parts of their proposal, and give & get peer feedback on their texts.


  • Participants understand the application & selection process of PhD funding.
  • Participants can structure their PhD proposal and know which elements to include.
  • Participants develop a timeline to prepare the application.
  • Participants draft parts of their proposal.
  • Partiicipants give & get peer feedback on their proposal.
  • Participants learn & practice techniques for efficient structuring, drafting, and revising.

Participant feedback

I never thought the workshop would be as hands-on as it was. I really learned things I can readily apply when I’m writing my PhD proposal.

I liked the interactive nature of the seminar, the exercises and discussions within a group.

Great structure! Dedicated opportunities to address every participants individual questions.