Basic Workshop 2: Writing & publishing research articles

In this workshop you learn how to write a compelling research article and how to publish it successfully.

In the first part, we work out the conventional structure of research articles with specific recommendations for each individual section. Comparing this template to a well-written and a poorly-written article from your own field, you will understand how to fulfill the expectations of your (future) readers and communicate your research findings effectively.

The second part covers the different aspects of scientific publication: criteria for journal selection, the peer-review process, and effective communication with editors & referees. We also tackle the new advances in open science and the emerging alternatives to the traditional publishing.


  • Participants learn to create a compelling storyline for a research article
  • Participants understand the conventional structure of research articles and know how to apply it in their particular field
  • Participants reflect about the criteria for journal selection and the involved trade-offs
  • Participants understand the traditional peer-review process
  • Participants learn to write an effective letter to the editor and how to respond to reviewer comments
  • Participants critically examine new advances in open science and the emerging alternatives to traditional publishing

Participant requirements

Participants bring to the workshop two published research articles from their field: one that was easy to read & follow, and one that was rather hard to understand. If currently preparing a manuscript for publication, participants are invited to bring it to the workshop as well.

Participant feedback

Best workshop for PhD students – now I feel prepared to write my first manuscript.

The content was highly relevant, well explained and easy to follow. Thanks!

It is good to know that having problems in understanding a paper is not always my fault. It can be that the paper is just written in a complicated and badly structured way. And it is really worth improving writing so that my papers are not so hard to read!