Science Slam Course

Collaboration with Julia Lemmle (rhetorical training & empowerment).

Have you ever been tempted to step out of the ivory tower and take your science to the public? Share your research story in an accessible way and amaze your audience!

This course will support you in the process of creating a clear and entertaining science slam talk. It consists of three days of workshops spread over 6 weeks of individual work (see table below). At the end you will present your Science Slam talk to the public.

Your efforts will pay off: Looking at your research from a fresh perspective will make you thrilled again about your work – so valuable in the last phase of a PhD! Moreover, engaging with the “big picture” of your research brings clarity that comes in handy as you write up and defend your thesis.


  • Participants develop a science slam talk
  • Participants engage with the “big picture” of their research project
  • Participants improve their presentation skills
  • Participants present their talks at a Science Slam (organized internally, at Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, etc.)


What          Contents
Workshop I
Develop your research story.
Explain your research to your grandma.
Week 1 Individual work: Collect & develop material related to your research project: metaphors & analogies, stories, examples, fun facts, etc.
Week 2
Week 3
Workshop II
Select & structure the material.
Outline the Science Slam story.
Week 4 Individual work:
Flesh out the talk. Create slides.
Week 5
Week 6
Workshop III
Polish & practice your talk with the help of peer feedback.
Rhetoric tips & exercises.
Science Slam Present your talk at a public Science Slam event.