Solid writing skills are crucial for the success of every investigator. Yet many young researchers struggle with writing and waste precious time in procrastination and self-doubt.

Even though writing clearly and efficiently is not easy, it can be learned!
I support junior researchers in natural & life sciences on their way to writing expertise.

My innovative writer-based approach combines findings from writing research and didactics with my personal experience as a doctoral student and researcher.

Choose from my services the right format for your needs:

Workshops to learn and practice the know-how of scientific writing

Online courses & writing groups to develop writing proficiency and productivity

One-on-one consultations & text feedback to effectively address individual challenges

Writing laboratories to write up a whole manuscript in a single week

Writing retreats to dive deeply into the current writing project and create momentum for steady progress

Systematic curriculum for optimal writing development of PhD students


Participant feedback

Martina is so passionate about writing and about how to improve writing skills!

Thank you very much for your consultation. The thesis turned out well and I got a Deutsche Telekom prize for it! Having a strategy and seeing writing as a process helps a lot. I definitely learned that from you.

Martina leads a great workshop! She knows what’s important for PhD students to focus on and provides a space for us to develop our skills.


Group leader feedback

The workshop gave the students very clear and useful tools at hand to structure the manuscript and to write in an efficient and concise manner. The students are now progressing much faster with their manuscripts. I am very glad about Martina’s input on that!
Dr. Viola Priesemann, Max Planck Research Group Leader

Organizer feedback

Martina is a committed and enthusiastic writing trainer. She has carried out several workshops & a writing group for our PhD program — the participants were delighted! I especially appreciate her result-oriented approach and her clear & direct way of communication.
Dr. Robert Martin, teaching coordinator at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin