Intense practical workshops on all important aspects of scientific writing, such as the writing process, scientific language & style, writing productivity, laboratory notebook, and writing & publishing of research articles. The goal is to achieve a maximum possible transfer of learned skills and create a basis for long-term development of scientific writing expertise. More info

 Writing groups

Writing skills need time & practice to evolve, writing projects need strategy & persistence to get accomplished. Online or in person, writing groups are an excellent means to achieve both. They provide advice & feedback, support & accountability, inspiration & motivation. More info

 Individual consultations & text feedback

One-on-one consultations in person or online effectively adress the unique writing challenges of individual scientists. This is a writer-centered type of consultation based on the “help to self-help” principle. A single consultation lasts 60-90 minutes and the offer includes a follow-up email contact at the client’s discretion.

 WriteUp Your Paper

In collaboration with Dr. Kerstin Minnich (scientific writing trainer & editor), participants are guided to prepare, write and revise a complete research article manuscript and get it ready for publication. The course is recommended for both PhD students and seasoned scientists who want to optimize their writing process and write manuscripts faster. More info

Writing retreats

Focused work at a secluded location allows to experience a breakthrough in writing productivity and gain momentum for continued work back home. More info

 Systematic curriculum for PhD students

Based on findings from writing research as well as my own experience, I created a systematic approach for an optimal writing development of PhD students. The curriculum is comprised of two basic workshops and supplemented with other formats to support the students on their way to writing proficiency. More info