Online courses & writing groups


Online courses & writing groups provide an opportunity to develop scientific writing expertise, as well as act as a supporting structure helping participants achieve their writing goals.

Currently I offer a weekly online course and a monthly writing group, though mixes and variations are possible as well:

1. Weekly online course targets writing techniques and scientific writing style, ideally as a follow-up to the workshop Develop your scientific writing. For a period of 6-14 weeks, participants practice with provided exercises as well as via getting & giving peer feedback on scientific texts. Furthermore, participants are guided to use writing for their scientific thinking and to reflect about their research project. This setting also invites to discuss individual issues and questions related to scientific writing. At the end, participants appear as self-confident writers ready to tackle independent writing projects.

2. Monthly writing group functions as a success team & accountability group, helping participants achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. This format is well suited as a support during the last writing-intensive stage of PhD. It provides a framework for participants to work consistently towards their (writing) goals, reflect upon their progress, plan the next steps, ask for advice & feedback, and get inspired & motivated through their involvement with struggles & successes of their peers.

Participant feedback

I learned to think about a text in a more structured way — writing & revising now seems less overwhelming.

The monthly goal-setting was very useful. It helped me to stay on track with my thesis.

I really like this format because it connects PhD students and makes them more aware of each other’s work.