Workshop: Lab book & good scientific practice

Every researcher needs one: a laboratory notebook. But what are the rules and best practices? And what should I choose, the time-tested paper notebook or a modern electronic one?

This workshop covers the know-how of scientific record keeping, including information on legal aspects, reflection on own’s practice, and hands-on experience with electronic lab book formats. Moreover, the workshop also discusses the role of laboratory notebooks in the contexts of open science and provides an impulse to see the daily record keeping as a writing practice.

Participant feedback

The instructions on lab book writing were well discussed and covered in detail.

I liked the combination of letting us discuss the topic and giving background info on the topic.

I found the topic very important – this course should be incorporated into MSc (late stage) or PhD (early stage) curricula to ensure things go well and to help change the culture around these issues. It seems supervisors do not take the time to brief students on keeping records of their work so someone else should.