Workshop: Optimize your writing productivity

Do you often find yourself staring at a blank screen, struggling how to begin? Does your manuscript or thesis writing advances too slowly as you fight with every sentence, questioning almost every word? Do you endlessly postpone the writing because there is always something else getting in the way?

Then stop the suffering and join this workshop! You will learn how to “unblock” yourself to write more efficiently and with ease. You will experiment with your writing technique as well as reflect upon your self-management & writing habits. At the end, you will have developed an action plan for improvement, which you can implement with the support of an accountability partner from the group.

Participant feedback

There was enough time to think about own strategies and what could be useful specifically *for me*.

I actually didn’t expect too much because I considered myself a hopeless case, but I think the presented techniques will change my approach to writing!

This workshop wasn’t about writing advice that you can read up on the internet, but it was actively improving our productivity and providing ideas for our personal issues.