Basic Workshop 1: Develop your scientific writing

This two-day workshop invites you to develop your scientific writing skills and design productive writing routines. The goal is not only to improve the quality of the produced texts, but also to make the writing process more efficient and even enjoyable.

The first day is dedicated to private writing: we write for content, not for effect. How enjoyable – and productive! We experience how our thinking can benefit from writing and learn how to “unblock” ourselves and get our creative juices flowing. We also reflect upon our writing habits and develop an action plan for improvement.

On the second day, we practice revising and polishing of scientific texts for publication. We work hard – but the progress is rewarding and keeps us going. We proceed in stages from macrostructure to language, benefiting from peer-feedback as well as exercises on paragraph and sentence structure, powerful language and the scientific writing style.

This workshop is ideally complemented by a follow-up online Writing group focusing on writing techniques & scientific writing style. Such extended period of work significantly advances participants’ expertise in scientific writing.


  • Participants practice techniques for efficient structuring, drafting and revising of scientific texts.
  • Participants learn how to produce clear and compelling scientific texts.
  • Participants write short texts related to their research and revise a previously written (conference) abstract.
  • Participants learn to use writing as a support for their (scientific) thinking.
  • Participants reflect upon their writing productivity and develop strategies for improvement.
  • Participants learn to utilize peer-feedback for effective revising.

Participant requirements

Participants bring to the workshop:
  • laptop
  • recent research result in form of a figure, table or equation
  • previously written (conference) abstract
  • 2 published research articles from their field: one that was easy to read & follow, and one that was rather hard to understand

Participant feedback

I loved the practical nature of the course and that it focused primarily on tools which can be immediately implemented.

The rhythm & flow of the workshop was perfect: Lesson-Discuss-Practice-Reflect.

The atmosphere was constructive but relaxed and the positive undertone of “jump into the deep end and you will float” made it accessible to everyone. Really, a wonderful workshop!