Workshops — now *ONLINE*

During the coronavirus crisis all workshops take place online.
This provides an opportunity to divide the 2-day workshops into shorter sessions and use the time between the sessions for individual practice: homework exercises, experiments with the own writing approach & technique, establishing productive writing routines, etc. In this way, participants gain thorough personal experience & deeper insights into the workshop topics than what is possible in an intensive 2-day format.


Workshop is a practical format focusing on tools and strategies to effectively handle challenges of scientific writing and publishing. The goal hereby is not only to improve the quality of produced texts, but also to make the writing process more efficient and begin a path of continuous development.

To enable the maximum possible transfer of learned skills, my workshops employ interactive and collaborative methods, including writing sessions, reflection, peer feedback, exercises, discussions with the group and in pairs, and Q&A rounds. Each participant receives a handout which summarizes the workshop contents and supplies further tips and exercises.

You can choose a workshop from my systematic curriculum (see below) but I am also happy to develop a workshop customized to the needs of your group (see here for workshop topics).


Participant feedback

You really did a great job in convincing me that writing is super important and that I should practice daily.

I liked the refreshing style of the workshop and that it was based on material relevant for my current work.

Martina’s approach to teaching by having writers realize issues, strengths, and habits of writing on their own allows for continued work and growth after the workshop.