Systematic curriculum for PhD students

Based on findings from writing research & didactics as well as my own experience, I created a systematic approach for an optimal writing development of PhD students.

The core of the curriculum is comprised of two workshops, Develop your scientific writing and Writing and publishing research articles, which convey the fundamental knowledge and skills of scientific writing and publishing. This basic program is expanded by other formats to maximize the transfer of learned skills and support the students in their own scientific writing practice.

The group program can be complemented by individual consultations, to effectively address the unique challenges of each of the students. I am also happy to adapt the curriculum to the specific needs and requirements of your graduate program.

1.–2. PhD year

At the beginning, there is no need or pressure to write: this is the best time to train the writing skills! Learn effective writing techniques & tools. Start to properly document your research activities. Good scientific practice & writing skills will develop hand-in-hand.
      Basic workshop 1: Develop your scientific writing [2 days]
      Online writing group targeting writing techniques and scientific writing style [6–10 weeks]
      Workshop Lab book & good scientific practice [0.5 day]

2.–3. PhD year

After a year or two, there are typically enough results for a publication. But first, the manuscript needs to be written. This can go much faster when you know how. And even faster when there is a group and a trainer supporting the writing process.
      Basic workshop 2: Writing and publishing research articles [2 days]
      Writing laboratory to write a first paper with support and feedback [5.5 days]

3.–4. PhD year

Finally, it’s time to graduate — time to reap the fruits of the training and write up the thesis with comfort and confidence. Still, it pays to optimize the processes in this writing-intensive phase to finish on time and without unnecessary suffering.
      Monthly writing group providing support & feedback [5–6 months]
      Workshop Improve your writing productivity [0.5–1 day]
      Writing retreat to gain momentum for a timely finish of the PhD [2–5 days]